How to Level Your Yard With Soil3's Level Mix [video]

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Leveling a yard can be simple. 

Watch the video below to learn how to topdress your lawn to create a smooth, even lawn surface, without bumps or depressions. You can order Soil3 Level Mix online or from your local dealer and we will deliver it right to the spot you need it. 

SOIL3 LevelMix

Using our level mix will not only give your lawn an even surface but it will also boost your grass health. Rather than covering your grass with sand, use our mix (30% Soil3 and 70% sand) to fertilize your lawn organically while providing a healthy structure.

Level Mix Ingredients

  • 30% Soil3 organic humus compost for slow-release nutrition
  • 70% medium-textured, quartz, golf course sand for the structure needed to level a lawn

Read more about why our Soil3 Level Mix is so great for leveling lawns.

Yard Leveling

How to Level Your Yard:

  • Before you topdress with your Level Mix, be sure to mow and dethatch to prevent a spongy layer of turf.
  • Broadcast Level Mix over the lawn with a shovel.
  • Spread the Level Mix to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch. 
  • Feel your way along the turf and let the topdressing find its way into the lower parts.
  • Never completely cover your grass with Level Mix. Grass blades need sunlight to grow. 
  • Use a push broom to expose the foliage and work the topdressing into the grass.
  • After you’ve topdressed, water your lawn to promote growth. Watering also helps pull the Level Mix into the grass canopy and fill air pockets.


  • Topdressing with Level Mix is done to level turf and create a smooth, even lawn.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to topdress a few months after new sod is laid.
  • Because no matter how hard you try to create an even lawn to begin with, over time settling may occur causing depressions.
  • Depressions make mowing difficult, causing scalping with the mower.
  • Another reason to use Level Mix as topdressing is to even wear and tear on sports fields, creating a safe, even surface for athletic games.

What: Warm season lawns that spread via stolons and rhizomes, such as Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, and Centipedegrass, are leveled to make them smooth and safe.

Cool season lawns, such as Tall Fescue, grow in clumps and don't respond well to leveling.

When: Topdress to level a warm season lawn when it's actively growing, after spring green-up.

Rate: 1 cubic yard of Level Mix will level 500 square feet of lawn 

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Soil3 alone can be used to compost topdress to provide fertility, rather than lawn leveling.

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