Topdressing Lawns with Soil3 Compost [video]

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Excellent Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Using Soil3 Organic Compost to topdress your lawn adds beneficial organic microorganisms and much needed nutrients to your turf's soil. Aerating before top dressing helps these organic fertilizers reach your grass roots zone and strengthen the root system.

Here's how:

The 4 step process is simple!

  1. Use a core aerator to aerate your lawn. We have complete written intructions on our Super-Sod website, check out: How to Aerate Your Lawn.
  2. Spread Soil3 using a shovel or compost spreader to 1/4 to 1/2" thick.
  3. Rake it into the root zone (so that the compost doesn't remain on top of the grass).
  4. Turn on the sprinkler to water it in. Watering will move any remaining Soil3 into the root zone.

Not sure how much soil you need for your project? Use our easy compost calculator!

Video Tutorial

Watch a video on why and how to top dress your established lawn with Soil3 organic compost.





  • Aerate with a core aerator & topdress with Soil3 yearly
  • Warm-season grasses (Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine) should be done in the spring, just before, after, or during greenup
  • Fescue (a cool-season grass) should be done in the autumn


We have compost spreaders available to rent or purchase. Determine which compost spreader is best for your lawn.

Soil3 Compost Spreader for Top Dressing Lawns

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