Seeding a Zenith Zoysia Lawn with Soil3

May 3, 2017 1 minute read

Planning to seed your lawn with Zenith Zoysia? Use Soil3 for seedbed preparation and as a nutritious mulch after seeding. Learn more about the benefits of using Soil3 below.

Seeding Zenith Zoysia Tips:

Zenith Zoysia grass seed were planted July 17th using Soil3 in seedbed preparation and as a mulch after seeding. This picture shows a remarkably full lawn after only three weeks. At this time, daily watering has been stopped and watering is reduced to 1" per week.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed 3 weeks

The picture below was taken on October 11th, three months after seeding. It shows a mature lawn that has been mowed several times and is hardening off for winter. This lawn has not been fertilized, except for the use of Soil3. Zoysia lawns should not be fertilized in the fall (i.e., avoid "winterizers"), but will be fertilized in the spring during green-up.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed 3 Months

Please note that this planting of Zenith was rather late in the season, spring being the best time, after danger of last frost. However, Soil3 aids in germination and establishment and grows a warm season lawn in enough time for it to be mature and strong enough to withstand winter.



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