Seeding a Zenith Zoysia Lawn with Soil3

Hillary Thompson
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May 3, 2017 1 minute read

Planning to seed your lawn with Zenith Zoysia? Use Soil3 for seedbed preparation and as a nutritious mulch after seeding.

See Soil³ in action in this case study illustrating the benefits of using our humus compost when planting warm season grass seed.

Seeding Zenith Zoysia with Soil³ Compost - Case Study

Zenith Zoysia grass seeds were planted July 17th using Soil³ in seedbed preparation and as a mulch after seeding.

This picture shows a remarkably full Zenith lawn after only three weeks. At this time, daily watering has been stopped and watering is reduced to 1" per week.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed 3 weeks

The picture below was taken on October 11th, three months after seeding. It shows a mature lawn that has been mowed several times and is hardening off for winter.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed 3 Months

This lawn has not been fertilized, except for the use of Soil³ at planting time. Zoysia lawns should not be fertilized in the fall (i.e., avoid "winterizers"), but will be fertilized in the spring during green-up.

Please note that this planting of Zenith was rather late in the season, spring being the best time, after danger of last frost. However, Soil³ aids in germination and establishment and grows a warm season lawn in enough time for it to be mature and strong enough to withstand winter.

Learn more about planting Zenith Zoysia seed from Super-Sod's article on How to Seed a Zenith Zoysia Lawn.



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