Learn about Fall Backyard Vegetable Gardening [video]

Hillary Thompson
Hillary is communications director for Super-Sod. She earned her BS in Horticulture from UGA and has spent the last 30 years marketing plants and gardening products. She used to be a tree snob, but after walking barefoot on a Zoysia lawn, is now a Zoysiagrass snob. When not picnicking on her own Zeon Zoysia lawn, growing vegetables, identifying roadside weeds, or planting hydrangeas and Japanese maples, she spends her time pursuing the domestic arts of knitting, cooking, canning, making things like beeswax candles, and throwing dinner parties. Her great love is helping customers learn how to take care of their lawns, garden better, and enjoy the journey.
August 27, 2021 2 minute read

Did you know that fall brings another chance to plant vegetables? It's not the same summer produce, but a whole new team of crops. We think it's easier in the fall. Cool! Literally - the veggies we plant in fall and winter are called "cool season" crops.

Get started this fall with Soil³ humus compost and lots of great advice from expert gardeners Brie Arthur and Chris Smith. These videos are suitable for all skill levels - whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, you are sure to be inspired and to learn something new.

Each video is about two hours long and consists of two dynamic presentations. They are chock-full of practical advice from the personal experience of these two knowledgeable gardeners.

Fall Backyard Vegetable Gardening - Part 1

Brie Arthur: Fall Foodscaping in Containers
In this lively presentation, Brie shows exactly how to create a fall “foodscaped” container garden! From hanging baskets to patio planters and Root Pouches, Brie’s creative ideas are sure to inspire you to grow all your favorite fall flavors. Bring the garden to your patio this fall and plant some creative, bountiful containers! She also shares two demonstration containers with you.

Chris Smith: Everything Garlic
This garlic growing 101 class will leave you with all the information you need to feel confident about purchasing, growing, maintaining, harvesting, and storing your own garlic. Garlic is an easy winter crop that everyone should be growing. Chris also shares some creative highlights on how to use garlic in so many ways. If you didn't already want to grow garlic this fall, then this will likely change your mind!

Fall Backyard Vegetable Gardening - Part 2

Brie Arthur: Fall Foodscaping in the Landscape
Combining expert advice from both of her books, Brie aims to inspire you to cultivate beauty right alongside bounty. Learn how to pair fall veggies with the best flowering perennials for southern gardens. Easy planting strategies are explained, including creative combinations to deter unwanted animals! This is a fast paced, informative presentation so get ready to be inspired to foodscape this fall!

Chris Smith: Garlic and Beyond - Fall planting alliums to diversify your garden
Garlic is the go-to fall planted edible allium, and it's lots of fun to grow, but there are plenty of other options to explore. Chris briefly covers Garlic 101 and then leaps into the wonderful world of shallots, potato onions, bulbing onions, bunching onions, perennial leeks, Egyptian walking onions, and more. These crops can be spread throughout your garden and companion planted with ease. Expect some culinary tidbits throughout and be ready to embrace diverse crops into your gardenscape.

Learn more about Brie and Chris

We hope you enjoyed those sessions! If you are interested in learning more about the hosts, check out their websites and books.

Brie & Chris

Meet Chris Smith

Chris is a seed saver and permaculturist who loves to write. He is executive director of the Utopian Seed Project, a crop-trialing non-profit working to celebrate food and farming. His book, The Whole Okra, won a James Beard Foundation Award in 2020. Chris is also the founding organizer of Western North Carolina Garlic Festival. You can order Chris' book "The Whole Okra" here.

Meet Brie Arthur

Brie Arthur, has garnered acclaim for her enthusiastic presentations and practical, out of the box growing advice. She is a celebrated speaker, horticulturist, and bestselling author located in Raleigh, NC. We are also pleased to feature Brie as a guest blogger here at Soil³. You can find her inspiring gardening articles on our website. Her two books, The Foodscape Revolution and Gardening with Grains serve as how-to guides for cultivating beauty and bounty in any landscape. Order Brie's books here. And follow Brie’s gardening journey through her YouTube channel, Brie the Plant Lady.


Brie with Soil3 filled 100 gallon Root Pouches


Fall Backyard Vegetable Gardening


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