Potting Soil for Trees & Tree Fertilizer

October 18, 2016 1 minute read

Tree and shrub container gardening is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. 

The most common reasons for growing trees in containers include the lack of space for traditional planting or for growing saplings to eventually become transferred and planted into the ground for shrub borders.

Soil for Trees

For a successful tree and shrub container garden, you need to provide your plants with the proper growing medium, such as Soil3 humus compost that can be used directly as both potting soil and fertilizer for your trees.

Soil3 as Tree Fertilizer

One of the most important factors contributing the success of your tree and shrub container garden is the use of proper potting soil for trees and the correct growing medium.  Your growing medium must be nutrient rich with a slow release fertilization method, the proper consistency for water drainage and moisture retention.

In fact, we have created Soil3, specifically for this purpose.  Soil3 is an humus compost potting soil for trees that gives your plants nutrition and fertilizes them, making it superior to other growing mediums.

Other important factors for successful tree or shrub container gardening include:

  • Size. The container must be large enough to leave plenty of space for the roots of your tree or shrub to expand. 
  • Drainage. Be sure that your container has holes in or towards the bottom that will allow water to drain; not sit in and drown your plant roots.
  • Weight. Verify that wherever you are placing the container can hold the weight and that you will be able to move it if you need.

Order Soil3 in a Cubic Yard BigYellowBag or in a Cubic Foot Mini Cube, for your tree and shrub container gardening.

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