How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs as Homemade Gifts

Shannon Hathaway
Shannon is a horticulturist, turfgrass expert, and sales consultant at Super-Sod of Cary, North Carolina. Shannon is the creative type and stays busy with many talents - from landscape design, to knitting, writing, and being a mom and grandmother. She ran her own award-winning landscaping company before selling it and joining the Super-Sod team. We got lucky! She takes her passion for plants home with her and gardens on the weekends too. Look for more blogs from Shannon here and on our sister website,
February 4, 2019 2 minute read

By Shannon Hathaway, Guest Blogger and Super-Sod of Cary gardening expert

If you love a good homemade gift that shows your personality, you’ve come to the right place. This gift is ideal for those who hold a passion for plants or simply want to bestow thoughtful gifts that won’t result in cavities this Valentine’s Day.

Rather than help your loved ones break their low-sugar resolutions now that February has rolled around, use some compost, a little bit of creativity, and some daffodil bulbs to bestow your friends some love this spring.


1. Find a small container with a handle

This container will hold your bulbs and needs to be large enough to hold 1-3 daffodil bulbs. You can find these containers on, in your local dollar store, or at a garden supply store. Choose a color that reminds you of the friend receiving the gift.

2. Punch holes in the container

punching holes in daffodil container cropTo allow for drainage, you’ll want to punch holes in the bottom of the container before beginning to plant. Flip the container over and choose your hole-punching medium. We positioned the head of a Philips head screwdriver on the metal container bottom and then tapped the other end with a hammer to create holes in the small metal buckets.

Watch your fingers during this process to ensure you don’t punch through any of them. About 3 evenly spaced holes across the container bottom should be sufficient for drainage.

Put an inch of gravel, small stones, or packing peanuts in the bottom to improve drainage.

3. Fill halfway with soil

Now it’s time to add some growing media. We recommend Soil3 organic compost because it’s full of nutrients and retains moisture for your plants. Fill the container halfway with soil, being careful not to pack it down.

4. Add bulbs 

selecting daffodil bulbs cropDaffodil bulbs are the perfect choice because they are easy to grow and pop up fairly quickly. Add 1-3 daffodil bulbs to each container and space them an inch apart.

5. Add more soil

Fill to the top with Soil3 to even it off and ensure the bulbs will have the proper insulation until it’s time to plant them in the ground.

6. Top it off

placing moss on top of soil croppedSome people would LOVE to receive a bucket of dirt. Others might be a little confused. Top off the container with a little moss as a sort of natural gift stuffing.

7. Add a tag

Tie on a festive gift tag to personalize your gift even more! Along with the traditional mentions of “to” and “from”, you can include instructions about how to care for these bulbs and when to plant them. Valentine's Daffodil Gift Tag

Click here to download and print our ready-made gift tag for your lovingly planted daffodil bulbs. 


Do you have other creative ideas for giving flowers-to-be this Valentine’s Day? Comment below with your favorite plant-gifting practices!


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daffodil bulbs as homemade gifts

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