Laying New Sod with Soil3 [video]

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Preparing the soil is a crucial step in laying new sod. Check out these tips to prepare your lawn to lay new sod:

  • If renovating an existing lawn, destroy the current vegetation.
  • Prepare the site by grading so that the soil slopes away from foundations and buildings, thus avoiding drainage problems.
  • Using Soil3 humus compost: Soil3 should be mixed with the top layer of existing soil. Just raking the Soil3 into the existing top soil is usually sufficient.
  • Smooth the soil, remove rocks, roots, clods, and vegetation.
  • Water heavily to see if water puddles in any low spots, and if it does, add soil and/or regrade to eliminate low spots.
  • Keep soil surface 1/2" below walks and drives. Tilled soil will settle some.
  • Our experience shows that no preplanting fertilizer is necessary when using Soil3.
  • Apply and rake in dolomitic lime based on soil test results and based on the type of sod you have. Not all turfgrass needs lime (example: Centipede sod typically doesn't need lime).
Lawn sodded with SOIL3

How Much Soil3 To Use

  • 1 cubic yard of Soil3 will cover 1,000 square feet.
  • Not sure how much you need for your lawn or garden project? Calculate it!

Further sod installation info is on Super-Sod's website under How to Lay Sod. Or, watch the video below!

Ready to prepare for your new sod with Soil3?

We offer Soil3 in a small half cubic foot bag or a cubic yard in a BigYellowBag®. For your convenience, we will deliver the BigYellowBag to your location. You can also visit your local Soil³ dealer to pick up a small half cubic foot bag of Soil³.

Get ready to lay sod with Soil3.

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