Gardening With Children - Teaching Ideas and Resources for Projects

March 25, 2020 1 minute read

Welcome to agricultural education fun with Soil³!

This blog is a resource for educators and parents who are looking for teaching ideas as part of their science or agricultural education curriculum . . . or just for fun with the family.

5 Tips for Teaching Children How To Garden

  1. Start Small
    You don’t need a large area to teach gardening. In fact, it’s easier to maintain interest by starting small.

  2. Choose High Interest Plants
    Leafy plants grow rapidly and can be harvested more than once.

  3. Cultivate Good Habits
    Establishing regular watering and plant care schedules cultivates consistency in children.

  4. Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor
    Children get firsthand experience of the food cycle when the plants they grew appear on their plate.

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Online Resources


Book Resources

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Soil³ Kits

These kits are available for delivery and online ordering:

Raised gardens are the solution if you don't have a place to grow veggies. Check out our Raised Garden Kits. 

These raised gardens are ready for the tomatoes that will be planted in the spring. The spirals are tomato stakes!


What will you grow with the kids in your life? Comment below, we'd love to hear your ideas!

Gardening With Children - Teaching Ideas and Resources for Projects


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