2017 Gardener's Gift Guide: For Beginners and Pros

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“What do you want for Christmas?” 

“I don’t know. You really don’t need to buy me anything.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen.”

“Just surprise me. I’m sure whatever you pick out will be great.”

Chances are you’ve already had this unfruitful conversation once this year – on one side or the other. Take heart! Whether you’re a gardener or you want to shower one with love, we’re here to help.

I’ve consulted some of our resident gardening experts to compile a holiday wish list for garden beginners and experts alike. 

(We don't profit from links in this post that are not associated with Super-Sod, Soil3, or Doc's Raised Garden Kits.)

For the Beginner

Maybe your favorite millennial just bought their first home and has aspirations of growing an edible garden. Perhaps your mom just retired and finally has time to give her garden the attention it deserves. Scroll down to get some gift ideas from garden enthusiasts.

Gardening Basics Books

There's nothing like a good fireside read to help gardeners prepare for their spring planting ventures. These books have the stamp of approval from avid gardener and Super-Sod marketing expert, Hillary.

Must-Have Tools


Success in gardening starts with the right set of tools. Make sure they're prepared to begin the gardening journey with these essentials.

  • Trowel Perfect for any level of gardener, this handy trowel is also Hillary’s favorite. It comes in a variety of bright colors and has a comfortable handle to make digging all the more fun!
  • Reliable Pruners – With a glowing recommendation from Ross, our Atlanta gardening expert, Felco pruners are a must for gardeners. Ross says, “I still have my first ones!”
  • Soil Knife – This AM Leonard Tool is a favorite of Triangle gardening expert Shannon Hathaway. It’s her go-to tool for gardening available online or in our Cary store for $21.99.
  • Short Spade – When the trowel isn’t quite big enough to get the job done, this AM Leonard Shortie Transplant Spade is great for getting compost out of the bag and for pruning roots. Another one of Shannon’s picks, the spade is available online and in Cary for $67.99.

Small Stocking Stuffers


Suprise them with inexpensive, quality gardening gifts.

The Investment


This large gift is an investment in the future of their gardening and has that Christmas morning "wow factor."

  • Doc’s Raised Garden Kit – Raised bed gardening makes use of small spaces that would otherwise be ungardenable. The compact design is perfect for a backyard garden, while it also conserves water and does away with soil compaction from foot traffic. Give your loved one this 4’ x 8’ x 8” easy-to-assemble raised bed that comes in sets of 1 or 2, delivered to their door with a cubic yard of Soil3 organic compost.
  • Garden Gift Certificate – If you’re not sure of the perfect timing for your beloved gardener, present them with a gift certificate to their local Super-Sod where they can spend their money on supplies, a raised bed garden, or even more healthy soil.


For the Expert with a Full Shed

This is the gardener whom you call with all of your questions. He is a Master Gardener, volunteers in the community, and shares homegrown tomatoes in the summer. You know his passion but not what he wants for Christmas. Check out some of these ideas!

Gardening Magazine Subscription


If they already have the horticultural knowledge, your favorite gardener is sure to enjoy seasonal updates on the latest gardening trends in the area.

  • Triangle Gardener – North Carolina gardeners will enjoy this local publication filled with gardening ideas and local events. Give six issues of this bi-monthly magazine for $14.95.
  • Georgia Gardening – Peach state gardening enthusiasts are sure to cherish a year-long, nine-issue subscription to this magazine for $24.95.
  • Carolina Gardener – A second state-by-state gardening publication, this magazine is a source of inspiration for North and South Carolina residents. A year-long subscription is $24.95.


The advanced gardener would love to have these photo-and-information packed reference guides in her personal library.

Gadgets to Make Gardening Easier


This gardener is a pro at the basics, but these gadgets will make life a little easier and leave more time for admiring blooms.

  • Electronic Water Timer – This timer is easy to program to cover watering for 4 different garden areas at once. Capable of watering 24 times each day, this gadget helps gardeners optimize their watering schedule without the danger of forgetting. Also available at Super-Sod of Cary for $59.95.
  • Hose End Auto Mix Sprayer - Precise gardening and maintaining plant health is easier with Shannon’s favorite Bonide Auto Sprayer. This takes the guess work out of mixing concentrated pesticides and provides peace of mind (after carefully reading the pesticide label, of course).

Stocking Stuffers

flat stones for dry stack stone wall.png

These small gifts are convenient to have on-hand once spring rolls around.

  • Vole King Planting Basket – You may have heard this gardener complain about the troubles of pesky voles invading the garden. Stuff their stocking with this surprise this year that will protect plant roots from nasty little voles. Shannon recommends picking these up at our Cary store for $16 if you’re in the area.
  • Stone and Brick Hammer – You may have to set this one under the tree instead  of in a stocking to avoid pulling the stocking off your mantle, but this inexpensive gift is perfect for any aspiring stone masons. Shannon and Daniel always have the stone hammer on hand during their hardscaping classes, and it’s first on the supply list when building your own stone walls.

The Investment

Gift Certificate Sample image.png

Tools and gadgets are lovely gifts, but if you want to invest in the long-term soil health of plants in the garden, compost is the way to go.

  • Cubic yard of Soil3 organic compost – Skilled gardeners appreciate the value of healthy soil. While most spend years at their home amending the soil, this allows you to skip a step and have soil delivered in a neat, yellow package. The rich, OMRI-certified organic soil is perfect for vegetable gardening, shrub installation, flower beds, and potting soil.
  • Gift Certificate for Compost – If $178 for a BigYellowBag of Soil3 isn’t in your budget for a gift, consider a Super-Sod gift certificate. That way, your favorite gardener can take advantage of our annual sale on Soil3 deliveries January through March.


For the One Who Really Doesn’t Want Anything

If your favorite gardener is in the middle of a move, requested a year without gifts, or simply plans to take a break from the garden next year, consider donating to some of these philanthropic organizations with a gift in his or her name.

Community Gardens


  • Katie’s Krops – Youth across the country grow gardens and deliver fresh produce to those in need and help alleviate the effects of poverty.
  • Plant a Row for the Hungry – Atlanta Community Food Bank sponsors community gardens to provide food for the hungry. Donate to ACFB or scroll down to the wish list on this page to find out what tools local gardens need and how you can drop them off in a community.
  • Seeds NC – Seeds is a 2-acre urban garden and kitchen classroom in Durham, North Carolina. Their mission focuses on developing the capacity of young people by teaching about growing, cooking, and sharing food.


Find What You’re Looking For?

Did you find the perfect gift for your gardener on this list? Or are you a gardener who just got some fantastic ideas to give your friends and family? Click the social sharing links to keep folks in the loop about all the best garden necessities this year!


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